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Traditional and modern. Russian cooking
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Russian cooking is an encyclopaedia of old and present Russianculinary art, which is among the world's richest and most varied.We recommend it to all who are fond of Russian cooking, bothfor everyday and for special festive occasions. You will fi nd heretraditional recipes for piroshki with cream, for blini with caviar,boeuf Stroganov, pelmeni, koulibiaca stuff ed with mushrooms,herring with onion, salmon in vegetables, and sturgeon in aspic.You will also learn how to prepare Russian stock, borsch (shchi)both hot and cold, cabbage soup, solyanka, and fi sh soup (ukha),and dishes which were once served at the tsar's court.The book can be considered a unique summary of the rich Russianculinary tradition, which combines the taste of European cuisinewith unforgettable Oriental flavours.All that remains is to wish you pleasant reading.Powyższy opis pochodzi od wydawcy.

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Autor: Łukasik Inna, Sado Agnieszka
Data wydania: 2012
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